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Babies found in the trash

Babies found in the trash

Staff Reporter

THE bodies of two babies that were born and dumped by their mothers were discovered among the waste that people want to get rid of in two separate locations this week.


The latest incident involved the dead fetus of a little baby girl that was discovered in a rubbish skip at the offices of the Arandis Town council on Friday morning.


According to the incident report provided by the Namibian Police in the Erongo Region, the body of the little baby girl was discovered by a cleaner who works for the Arandis Town Council.


“The fetus is fully developed and it is suspected that the mother carried it almost the full term of pregnancy.”


Babies trash dumped bodies
Picture for illustrative purposes only. Photo: Contributed


Earlier this week the body of a baby boy was discovered at the municipal dumpsite of Swakopmund by a person who was busy scavenging amongst the rubbish.


According to the incident report the little bay baby was discovered at around 11:00 on Tuesday. The fetus was wrapped in a plastic carry bag. The mother also wrapped the baby’s head and mouth with adhesive tape.


In both cases, the persons that made the discoveries notified the police who went to the scene to remove the remains.


The Namibian police requested members of the public that can shed more light on the incidents to come forward with such information.


When found the women that gave birth to the babies will be charged with dumping their babies. The charge carries the same weight as murder.


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