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Man killed in a car crash

Man killed in a car crash

Maria David

THE 37-year-old Ndjene Norbert died after his car collided head-on with an oncoming vehicle on the main road between Outapi and Ruacana at the Oshiputusheendjamba Village near Outapi on Saturday.


Omusati Regional Police Commander, Commissioner Titus Shikongo, said the incident occurred at about 17:25 in the afternoon.


Man killed car crash Ndjene Norbert car head-on oncoming vehicle Outapi Ruacana


According to Commissioner Shikongo, the driver of a silver BMW sedan car with Windhoek registration plate was travelling from east to west on the road between Outapi and Ruacana when a stray donkey suddenly walked into the way of the oncoming vehicle near the Oshiputusheendjamba Village.


“In the process of attempting to avoid hitting the donkey, the driver lost control over the car which resulted in him crashing into another vehicle that was driving in the opposite direction,” he said.


Commissioner Shikongo said the driver of the BMW, who was alone in the vehicle, died on the scene of the crash. The deceased person’s body had to be removed from the wreck of the car with the help of the Jaws of Life.


He said the driver of the second vehicle and a female passenger survived the crash with no visible injuries. The female passenger ran away from the scene of the crash and was nowhere to be found.


Shikongo identified the driver of the second vehicle as the 31-year-old Haipinge Aron Shitaleni from the Onelombo Village near Etayi and said the survivor was taken to Outapi State Hospital for a check-up.


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