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Fun leads to loss of life

Fun leads to loss of life

Staff Reporter

A 21-year-old man from Outjo has been charged with culpable homicide after a day of car spinning at a soccer field led to the loss of life and injury of six people.


According to the Namibian Police’s crime report, the incident happened in Outjo on 29 August at about 20:00 at the soccer grounds near the old hospital.


It is alleged that the driver of Toyota Hilux, a 21-years-old with six passengers in the car was spinning at a soccer ground in Etoshapoort when he lost control of the car and it overturned injuring all the occupants.


loss life Outjo homicide car spinning soccer field
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They were rushed to the hospital by ambulance and one passenger died upon arrival at the hospital.


The deceased was identified as Erick Hoaeb, his age is not known at this stage but his next of kin are informed.


In another car accident, an unknown motorist struck a Zimbabwean national with his vehicle in Katima Mulilo. The driver, however, fled the scene.


The incident occurred at about 02:50 on Saturday 29.


It is alleged that an unknown motor vehicle bumped the deceased in the vicinity of the Kakonga village at the Machita turn-off.


The deceased is a Zimbabwean national male believed to be between 20 and 30 years old.


The Police in the Zambezi Region is still looking for the driver of the car that fled the scene of the fatal incident. Once found the person will be charged with culpable homicide and fleeing from the scene of a motor vehicle accident.


The body of the deceased was transported to Katima Mulilo mortuary. The investigation into the matter continues.


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