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“They buried my son like a dog.” says grieving father

“They buried my son like a dog.” says grieving father

Marthina Mutanga

A FULL investigation will be launched into claims of medical negligence after the death of a three-month-old baby boy was recorded as COVID-19 related.


Shiloh-Dean Ponhele’s mother insists that her baby was administered the wrong injection from a student nurse when he was inoculated about two weeks ago.


The Minister of Health and Social Services, Dr. Kalumbi Shangula, confirmed that he was made aware of the incident and said that a full investigation into the matter will be launched.



According to the mother, Laviania Kanyumbo, health officials have yet to come back to her to offer clarity on son’s death.


She added that although the health ministry announced his death to be COVID-19 related, her son’s death certificate does not state any cause of death.


Dr. Shangula said that the body of the baby was swabbed and the result for COVID-19 proved positive.


“That is why we had to bury him fast,” he said.


Kanyumbo said she took her son to Hakahana Clinic on 17 August 2020 for a normal three month vaccination injection.


She further stated that a student nurse was left to take care of the baby boy.


“Since he received the injection he started experiencing a high temperature and nausea because he vomited a lot,” she said.


“They told us to prepare a coffin very urgently and they allowed us to go and bless the body. We were even allowed to hold our baby and then they claimed that my son died of COVID -19,” Kanyumbo said.


According to the mother, no tests for COVID-19 were performed on other members of the family even after health authorities announced that his death was as a result of being infected with the coronavirus.


“They said that my son died of COVID-19 and they haven’t done any test on us. They even had a book at the funeral which they said they would use for contact tracing of the people that attended the funeral,” the mother explained.


The baby’s father said that the family is still grieving the baby’s passing and that is why he needed to come out with their story.


“My son’s funeral was treated as if they were burying a dog. At the funeral there was no social distancing applied by the health officials who left us mourning at the grave side without saying anything. They just left us there,” said the father.


The father concluded that he would not want other families to go through the same experience.


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