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Paracetamol tablets produced locally

Paracetamol tablets produced locally

Business Reporter

Namibian manufacturer, Fabupharm (Pty) Ltd, is awaiting registration of its product dossier from the Namibian Medicines Regulatory Council, (‘the NMRC”) in a bid to broaden local employment and innovation in the country.


Senior Associate Connie Marlene-Theyse at Faubupharm stated that product screening has been approved and an expedition fee has been paid in an attempt to expedite the process.


Further to this, Fabupharm already has a paracetamol product registered with the NMRC, Fabu-Paracetamol syrup, which is being supplied to the Central Medical stores.


Paracetamol tablets Namibian manufacturer Fabupharm registration product Medicines Regulatory Council
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“Getting the product approved holds not only health but also socio-economic benefits for the Country. Namibians will have access to an affordable quality paracetamol product, manufactured in accordance with Good Manufacturing or GMP regulations as set out by the World Health Organization, the FDA and European Union.” Marlene-Theyse said.


She added that local manufacturing will mean increased employment opportunities for the residents of Otjiwarongo, where the factory is situated.


The factory set-up comprises of a fully-equipped laboratory, a liquid filling line, tablet and capsule manufacturing equipment, industrial mixers, a reverse-osmosis water distillation plant, packaging and labelling equipment and the optimization of the plant and equipment is expected to increase by 10% if Fabupharm could supply the local market.


Fabupharm manufactures around 330 products. In addition to other registered products, Fabupharm also produces a range of non-registered complementary products such as vitamins and mineral supplements – the MVA and Suplimax ranges, VITA-KIDS syrup, or drops and Oryl Hydration salts.


Then there are the aqueous creams and topical ointments such as Calamine lotion, Wintergreen ointment, Ichthammol ointment, Zinc cream and Petroleum Jelly. And speciality products such as their sunscreen range, Desert Sun SPF of 30+, and insect repellant range, Buzz Off.


Fabupharm is 100% Namibian owned. In 2016, the Allegrow Fund purchased a 35% shareholding in Fabupharm. Allegrow Fund is an SME and mid-market growth and operational development private equity fund focused solely on Namibia.


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