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Amushelelo faces additional charges

Amushelelo faces additional charges

Maria David

THE woes of Michael Amushelelo, the self-styled millionaire foreign currency trader are piling up after a case of theft was registered against him by a resident of Tsumeb recently.


Amushelelo, who in recent years faced charges that include culpable homicide, contempt of court, and multiple charges of contravention of the Banking Institution Act and the Prevention of Organized Crime Act, now faces additional charges of theft and fraud.


The case was registered by Tangeni Tomas Amukugo, a 24-year-old correctional services officer at the Tsumeb Police Station. The complainant accuses Amushelelo of theft under false pretences after he transferred N$34 000 to Amushelelo through FNB’s cellphone banking facility.


Michael Amushelelo millionaire foreign currency trader theft registered
Pictured: Michael Amushelelo. Photo: Contributed


Amukugo transferred the money after he was promised by the forex trader that this “investment” amount would increase to N$51 000 and that the amount will even increase further if interest is calculated.


According to Commissioner Armas Shivute, the Oshikoto Regional Police Commander, the complainant only manage to recover N$5 000.


Commissioner Shivute said an arrest will be affected once the investigation into the matter is further along.


Amushelelo was arrested in October last year on multiple charges related to the contravention of the banking institution act and organized crime.


He was also charged with contempt of court in connection with a case of culpable homicide – dating from 2010 – in which he was found guilty and sentenced to two years imprisonment.


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