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Bumper crop harvest recorded in the country

Bumper crop harvest recorded in the country

Marthina Mutanga

MOST households are currently surviving on their own agricultural produce, with households reporting that their harvest will most likely sustain them until May next year.


A report on the crop prospects and food security indicates that all the crop producing regions recorded a bumper crop harvest, which did not only enhance household food security, but also improved people’s livelihoods.


The Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Land Reform (MAWLR) and the National Early Warning and Food Information System (NEWFIS) conducted the Post-Harvest Crop and Household Food Security Monitoring Assessment in the seven northern major communal crop-producing regions as from 26 May to 22 June 2020.


According to the agriculture ministry, the main purpose of this assessment was to assess and quantify the 2020 crop harvest in the major communal crop-growing regions of Namibia and provide an early warning report on geographic locations of agronomic anomalies, the effects of floods, droughts, and other significant events.


Bumper crop harvest recorded country households agricultural produce
GREAT HARVEST: Crop producing regions recorded a bumper crop harvest: Photo Illustrative purposes


Moreover, the mission assessed changes in household food security, livestock and grazing conditions, as well as water supply situation.


Despite a delay in the onset of the 2019/2020-rainfall season, good rainfall was received over the greater part of the country, resulting in significant improvements in agricultural production.


Good rainfall was received in the north, north east, and mostly central areas of the country.


The south, west and partly central areas, however, recorded late and poor rainfall, resulting in protracted drought conditions, which continued to torment the livelihoods of various communities in those areas.


The revised crop estimates showed substantial improvement in harvest, with aggregate cereals recording an increase of 270% more than last season’s poor harvest, and 41% above the average production.


This increase in harvest is largely due to favourable crop growing conditions experienced over the 2019/2020 rainfall season.


Grazing and the water supply situation has also improved greatly in the greater part of the country following good rainfall received during the 2019/2020 rainfall season.


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