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Namibian students in Cuba plight unresolved

Namibian students in Cuba plight unresolved

Eba Kandovazu

THE health ministry in a letter addressed to the Namibia National Students Organisation (Nanso) last week said that efforts to facilitate the delivery of comfort parcels to Namibian students in Cuba through the Ministry of International Relations did not materialise.


Executive Director of health, Ben Nangombe, was responding to the student body’s Secretary for international affairs, Naboth De Celestino, who last week demanded that the ministry provide an official update to the students who have been in limbo for over two weeks.


Namibians currently studying in Cuba are reportedly finding it hard to secure basic necessities, such as toothpastes and other personal hygiene products.


health ministry letter addressed Namibia National Students Organisation Nanso
STUDENTS PLIGHT: Food that students in Cuba are currently consuming as they have reportedly not been able to receive food parcels from home. Photo: Contributed


It is further reported that the situation has worsened due to the lockdown measures in that country emanating from COVID-19.


De Celestino demanded that the students be informed about when the next charter flight is scheduled for and when the students can expect to receive their packages.


“The fact that the ministry has been silent on this matter for more than two weeks since the previous communication, we as Nanso are dismayed by the way the ministry is handling this situation. The situation requires immediate attention as it threatens, deteriorates and further places the health of Namibian students in Cuba at risk,” De Celestino said.


Nangombe, however, said that the health ministry subsequently had a meeting with representatives of parents and an agreement with regard to communication channels on all matters concerning the students has been set.


“The ministry will respectfully adhere to the agreement reached with the parents of the students. The ministry has the interest of the students at heart, hence the efforts made to facilitate the delivery of comfort parcels through the ministry of international relations but unfortunately that did not materialise,” Nangombe said.


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