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Concern over secret travellers from Erongo

Concern over secret travellers from Erongo

Maria David

THE suspected increase in the number of people travelling to northern regions from the Erongo Region, especially from Walvis Bay, has left many residents of the north concerned about the coronavirus arriving unchecked and spreading undetected.


Although some cases of secret travellers have been reported to the relevant authorities and have been taken to the nearest quarantine facility, many continue to go unnoticed as relatives are reportedly covering up for those people.


Oshana Regional Health Director, Johanna Haimene, urged members of the community to work hand-in-hand with authorities by reporting those who sneak into the region from especially the coastal region, which has experienced a spike in COVID-19 cases and deaths.


suspected increase number people travelling northern regions Erongo Region Walvis Bay residents
CONCERNED: Oshana Regional Health Director, Johanna Haimene. Photo: Maria David


Haimene further indicated that so far, a total of 348 people have been tested in the Oshana Region, of which seven cases tested positive. A total of 139 were quarantined, but 112 have been discharged, leaving only 27 in the quarantine facility in the region.


Namibia has to date reported over 1 700 cases, 8 deaths and 75 recoveries.


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