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People unite in faith to fend off COVID-19

People unite in faith to fend off COVID-19

Niël Terblanché

RESIDENTS of the Erongo region united in prayer on Sunday to ask the Almighty for strength and hope in their darkest hour.


In this regard members of the Namibian Government’s delegation on a visit to the towns most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic attended a church service in Walvis Bay on the special Day of Prayer.


The five deputy ministers joined Neville Andre, the Erongo Regional Governor for a special prayer session at the Maranatha Lutheran Church in Narraville.


Andre said the special day of prayer was called for to help people of the region and more specifically, the residents of Walvis Bay, to find the necessary spiritual strength to defeat the scourge.


The Regional Governor commiserated with the families of the people that lost loved ones as a result of COVID-19.


DAY OF PRAYER: Churches across the Erongo Region rang their bells at 15:00 on Sunday to unite the residents in faith and to ask the Almighty for strength and hope in their darkest hour. – Footage: Niël Terblanché


“My request is that the people of Namibia keep the people affected by the pandemic in their prayers. This is a painful chapter of our lives and many people from the Erongo Region need the help and support of their fellow countrymen,” he said.


He said the continuous lockdown of especially Walvis Bay has had a profound impact on the local economy.


“It has caused distress for all of us. Families are struggling because their income has dried up. Most businesses at the central coast are badly affected and some had no other choice but to shut down leading to an ever increasing number of job losses,” he said.


Andre said that despite the hardship faced by many that help is always at hand. He said there is always someone that reaches out with a helping hand.


“The successive lockdowns has shaken our sense of wellbeing and security. Many people are anxious about the future and need spiritual and mental support. In this regard religious leaders have taken the lead and are supporting people in need. I thank them for their selfless service,” he said.


According to the governor people can still rely on their faith for the strength to deal with the current adverse situation.


He also asked that Namibians pray for the people that find themselves on the front line and doing battle with an invisible enemy every day.


Andre said that he visited people in hospital who are fighting for their lives in the various Intensive Care Units. He said it was an extremely painful experience to see how some of the patients are suffering.


“We have come to ask God for strength. It is the only strength and the unity of people in faith that will eventually kill this virus. Let us not lose hope in this dark hour,” he said.


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