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Man accused of raping a child

Man accused of raping a child

Maria David

THE 25-year-old Martin Indingo, who stands accused of raping a seven-year-old girl made his first court appearance on charges relating to the horrendous deed in the Ondangwa Magistrate’s Court.


The accused person was arrested at a village in the vicinity of Okatope on Wednesday


On the day of the suspect’s arrest Oshikoto Regional Police Commander, Commissioner Armas Shivute said that incident occurred at a house in the Ompitula location of the Iihadhi Village.


Martin Indingo accused raping girl court appearance
RAPE ACCUSED: THE 25-year-old rape accused Martin Indingo. – Photo by Maria David


“It’s alleged that suspect lured the victim to her grandmother’s cuca shop and had sexual intercourse with her under coercive circumstances. At the time of the rape there was no one at the shop,” the commissioner said.


Shivute said that Indongo threatened his young victim with death if she reported the rape to another person.


Shivute pointed out that the suspect was caught by the victim’s grandmother while busy closing the zip of his trouser when she returned to the cucashop from the location and reported the matter to the police.


Shivute stated that the suspect and the victim are neighbours.


During the Indongo’s first court appearance he pleaded not guilty on the charge of rape despite not being asked to do so.


Magistrate Ilge Rheent informed the accused person that due to the seriousness of the matter, he will not be allowed to be released on bail. Indingo was informed that the state fears that he might interfere with the victim or the police’s investigation.


He was advised to acquire the services of a legal representative of his choice or to apply for Legal Aid from the State.


Magistrate Rheent remanded Indingo in custody until 8 October to allow detectives to investigate the matter further.


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