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Clara Gowases passes on

Clara Gowases passes on

Niël Terblanché

HOURS after the Republican Party tendered the resignation of Clara Gowases as their representative in Parliament, she passed away in hospital after a short sickbed.


The late Gowases served as the National Chairman of the Republican Party for 11 years and represented the Windhoek Rural Constituency during elections.


Henk Mudge, the President of the Republican Party, said the death of the 60-year-old veteran politician, who was a well-loved member of the National Assembly, came as a great shock.


Republican Party resignation Clara Gowases Parliament passed away hospital after Clara Gowases
BRAVE WOMAN: Clara Gowases, the National Chairperson of the Republican Party, who passed away in a Windhoek hospital on Monday afternoon.


“A few months ago she had an accident where she fell down and injured her hip. Ever since then she has been struggling with chronic pain. Over time she had various tests done and was eventually admitted to the Lady Pohamba Private Hospital in Windhoek last week. Further testing while she was admitted showed that she had an advanced terminal illness,” Mudge said.


The RP’s President said Gowases was transferred to the oncology unit where she was scheduled to receive radiation therapy.


“The therapy could, however, not be administered because she was very weak at first. She showed some improvement over the weekend which brought everyone’s hopes up, but on Monday morning we were told by her physicians to expect the worst,” he said.


Mudge indicated that the bad news prompted the RP to tender their National Chairperson’s resignation at the National Assembly shortly afterward.


“She passed away on Monday afternoon and we will all miss her terribly,” Mudge said.


In paying tribute to Gowases, Mudge said that she played a big role in the lives of the people of especially southern Namibia and that she represented them regardless of their party affiliation.


“In her life away from the political arena she was a teacher by profession and a dedicated single mother who raised three children on her own,” he said.


Mudge said the death of Gowases is a massive loss, not only for the party but for the entire Namibia which she loved with her whole heart.


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