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More rain and frost on the way

More rain and frost on the way

Niël Terblanché

WELCOME winter rain kept falling for a second consecutive day in south western Namibia, where as much as 12 millimetres were measured on farms near Aus and the town of Rosh Pinah.


The rain is set to continue as the current cold front moves off to the east of the southern tip of Africa.


Cold air from the Atlantic high pressure system will start moving in over land later and will bring more rains to areas in the extreme south west of Namibia.


More frost is expected to occur during the night over the southern and central parts of Namibia as a result of an anti cyclone that is moving in from the Atlantic Ocean and is pushing cold air north over the subcontinent.


RAINS CONTINUE: Soft rain has been falling continuously over large parts of the south in the wake of a strong cold front that moved over the southern tip of Africa over the past two days. – Footage: Courtesy of Charlton Vries


According to the Namibia Meteorological Service, very cold to cold weather conditions will prevail in the south, the Khomas and Omaheke regions, while the cold weather will be migrating to the northeast.


Temperatures are expected to drop below 0 degrees Celsius over most parts of the southern and central parts of Namibia.


The air is set to become extremely dry, which will lead to freezing weather conditions tonight.


The extreme cold weather will carry on into Saturday over the interior.


Elsewhere in the country, sunny and cold to mild weather and windy conditions are in the forecast for the interior of Namibia, while the warm weather is expected in the north.


Coastal residents can look forward to a rise in temperatures as east wind conditions are set to return later on Friday afternoon.


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