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Eenhana struggles to accommodate informal traders

Eenhana struggles to accommodate informal traders

Maria David

MORE space is required to cater to the high demand for informal traders in Eenhana in the Ohangwena region.


Mayor Amos Nangolo, while taking the past financial year under review said that council faced with the challenge of providing more space for informal traders.


Nangolo pointed out that they have been dealing with the issue of informal traders trading illegally in the streets and this is mainly due to the fact that Eenhana has only one informal market.


high demand informal traders Eenhana Ohangwena region
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“We have now identified various sites in other locations for the purpose of developing more open markets,” he said.


Nangolo indicated that they believe that such a move will ease the congestion at the current open market and also help alleviate the need for more trading spaces in town.


Town spokesperson Paulus Shilongo, in an interview with Informanté, said their aim is to ensure that every trader is catered for.


“At the moment we still have to revise their rental fees, however since we re-opened the open market none of them has paid a penny. We gave them a break to recover losses suffered during the lockdown,” he said.


Shilongo stated that they have received a total of 506 new applications from traders, but they were only able to accommodate 371 traders. The remaining 135 are still waiting for space to be allocated.


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