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Children discover body of murdered woman

Children discover body of murdered woman

Marthina Mutanga

THE body of a woman, the 72-year-old Katjimuatjimua Mukarona, who was reported missing about a week ago was discovered half buried in a shallow grave by children near the Eehomba Village in Kunene region.


According to the Kunene Regional Police Commander, Commissioner James Nderura, the discovery of the old woman’s remains in a shallow grave led to a murder case being registered with the police in Opuwo.


He said the woman that was reported missing by villagers on 3 June and was discovered by children who were herding cattle and goats two days later.


body woman Katjimuatjimua Mukarona reported missing discovered buried shallow grave
SHALLOW GRAVE: Traffic cones marks the spot where the body of an elderly woman was discovered by children near the Eehomba Village. – Photo: Courtesy of the Namibian Police.


Upon making the gruesome discovery, the children informed their parents who in turn notified the Namibian Police.


Commissioner Nderura said the deceased person’s family was informed of her death and he pointed out that a murder investigation has been launched.


According to the regional police commander an autopsy still has to be performed to determine the actual cause of the old woman’s death.


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