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Murder accused soldier pleads not guilty

Murder accused soldier pleads not guilty

Eba Kandovazu

THE trial of a former soldier, Johaness Neuaka, 41, who stands accused of fatally shooting his girlfriend before fleeing the scene and handing himself over police ago kicked off in the high Court this morning.


Neuaka’s trial started off with him pleading not guilty on the charges he faces without disclosing his reasons. He has since challenged the state to prove the allegations against him, while exercising his rights to remain silent.


He also face charges of possessing an unlicensed gun and discharging it in a public space, of which he also pleaded not guilty.


trial former soldier Johaness Neuaka shooting girlfriend scene
MURDER TRIAL: Johaness Neuaka. Photo: Contributed


The deceased, Shane Rittman, 25, is said to have ended their five year relationship. The two have a minor child together.


It is reported that Neuaka on the fateful day two years ago dropped off their son at Rittman’s mother’s house and then walked to the shack she lives in at the back of the main house where he allegedly fired a single shot to Rittmann’s head, killing her instantly.


Witnesses will be called to testify before Judge Naomi Shivute. Mbanga Siyomundji represents Neuaka.


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