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Namibians should still adhere to regulations

Namibians should still adhere to regulations

Marthina Mutanga

THE Inspector General of the Namibian Police, Lieutenant General Sebastian Ndeitunga, cautioned the youth to adhere to the State of Emergency regulations.


The general referred to the reopening of liquor sales after the country progressed to Stage 3 of Namibia’s four stage response plan to the COVID-19 pandemic.


General Ndeitunga appealed to all Namibians especially the youth to behave in an acceptable manner when and after they have consumed alcohol.


Inspector General Namibian Police Lieutenant General Sebastian Ndeitunga youth State Emergency regulations
Pictured: Inspector General of the Namibian Police, Lieutenant General Sebastian Ndeitunga. Photo: Contributed


He urged the youth not to forget social distancing when they are gathering and drinking because they might be risking their lives if they ignore the regulations.


Ndeitunga said he received reports from the Omaheke, Omusati and Ohangwena Regions that people are not adhering to the lockdown regulations and are gathering in numbers to enjoy themselves.
“It seems as if people are forgetting that we are fighting an invisible enemy,” he said.


Under Stage 3 regulations only 50 people are allowed to gather in a public place during a wedding or a funeral while still observing and maintaining social distancing.


“We have informed the police in the regions to observe large gatherings and we will definitely act when we see people are breaking the rules,” Ndeitunga said.


The move to Stage 3 means that restaurants will be allowed to reopen for dine-in customers and schools can resume classes. Non-contact sports and gatherings of up to 50 people for ceremonies, religious services, and other events will also be permitted with appropriate social distancing measures in place.


At the same time the Minister of Health and Social Services, Dr. Kalumbi Shangula have called for funeral and wedding organisers to compile attendance registers to keep track of people that attended such events.


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