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Zimbabwean murder suspect disappeared like a ghost

Zimbabwean murder suspect disappeared like a ghost

Maria David

A MANHUNT is still underway for the 41-year-old Meki Legton, a Zimbabwean national, wanted in connection with the violent murder of the 51-year-old Chipuriro Botham in Oshakati more than five months ago.

Legton is accused of bludgeoning his fellow countryman, Botham, to death with a brick during an altercation over a taxi fee of only N$20 in February this year.

At the time of the incident it was reported that both men were passengers in a taxi they took from Ondangwa to Oshakati. The suspect paid the taxi fee on behalf of the deceased but driver gave the change to the wrong man and the fight that led to the death of Botham ensued.


Zimbabwean wanted connection violent murder Meki Legton
MURDER SUSPECT: The 41-year-old Meki Legton from Zimbabwe, who is still the subject of a manhunt in Namibia in connection with the brutal murder of the 51-year-old Chipuriro Botham in Oshakati at the beginning of February this year. – Photo: File


According to the Oshana Regional Crime Investigations Coordinator, Deputy Commissioner Hilja Haipumbu, a man that did fit the description of Legton, was arrested while he was walking next to the main road between Ohangwena and Eenhana shortly after the manhunt started.

“The search for the murder suspect that disappeared like a ghost is, however, still ongoing,” Haipumbu said.

She said the person that was arrested at the time was eventually set free after police established that their prisoner is a local Oshikwanyama speaking man and not the Zimbabwean national they were searching for.

The search for the murderer suspect was placed under the spotlight again after the Namibian Police on Friday night requested the public to assist them to trace Jonathan Patrick Myburgh and Jannie Jansen van Vuuren, two security guards, who are accused of killing an informal trader of Zimbabwean descent at Otjiwarongo on Wednesday.

The two fugitives are believed to be hiding on a farm in the vicinity of either Tsumeb or Grootfontein.


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