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Nghishiikoh’s “fishrot”

Nghishiikoh’s “fishrot”

Placido Hilukilwa

HORTICULTURALIST and opposition activist in the Omusati Region, Nghishiikoh Joshua Nghishiikoh, was Monday morning apprehended by members of the community while emptying a small water pond to make it easy for himself to catch the abundant catfish.


Under the customary laws, catching fish in the natural water ponds is permitted only with the permission of the village headman who bases his decision on several factors, including the level of the water to minimize the danger of drowning.


A source at the scene told Informanté that Nghishiikoh was using a water pump to empty the pond to leave the fish exposed, but was stopped by members of the community.


Omusati Region Nghishiikoh Joshua Nghishiikoh apprehended
PUDDLE JUMPER: RDP activist, Nghishiikoh Joshua Nghishiikoh. – Photo: Contributed


Nghishiikoh, who is an activist of the Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) and a self-employed horticulturalists, confirmed the incident, jokingly labelling it as his own “fishrot”.


“That is true. I was emptying one small water pond by pumping the water into another empty pond to enable me to catch fish, but a number of villagers arrived suddenly and stopped me. I proposed an amicable solution, which was to pump the water back, but they refused because they want to catch fish for themselves. That is what they are doing as we speak,” he said.


Nghishiikoh, who sounded amused, said it was ironic that “they are now catching fish but I must go home empty-handed”.


He noted that the villagers have temporarily confiscated his water pump pending the decision of Okapyakambidhi village headman, Willem Kambuta.


“I am unfazed. This is a storm in a teacup, a political motivated incident meant to tarnish my reputation in the eyes of the public,” he said.


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