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Young man set himself on fire to commit suicide

Young man set himself on fire to commit suicide

Niël Terblanché

AN autopsy revealed that the 28-year-old Warick Ian Fortuin, whose partly burned body was discovered in an old pump station on the outskirts of Swakopmund about a week ago, was a case of suicide.


Initially detectives from the Namibian Police suspected that he might have been murdered and that his body was dumped and set on fire at the old pump station where it was discovered by three men busy with exercises.


Instead pathologists in Windhoek found that the deceased person drank some petrol before setting himself on fire. The autopsy report provided by the Namibian Police in the Erongo Region revealed that the deceased person sustained burn wounds on 90 % of his body which caused his death.


Unconfirmed reports about the whereabouts of Fortuin before his death stated that he was last seen on Tuesday at a well known service station in the main street of Swakopmund filling a two litre plastic bottle with petrol which he later ingested before setting himself on fire.


Pictured: The 28-year-old Warick Ian Fortuin. Photo: Contributed


According to the report detectives completed their investigation and the case docket was forwarded to the Deputy Prosecutor General to be changed from a suspected murder to a suicide inquest.


The investigation is completed and the case docket will be forwarded to the Deputy PG’s office to be closed and it will be turned into an Inquest docket.


Fortuin was employed as a paramedic before his death.


In another case of suicide on Thursday the 50-year-old Daniel Howoseb hung himself in his house in the Tulinawa Location of the Mondesa residential area in Swakopmund while his wife was out of the house.


According to the incident report his wife, upon her return from town, found him hanging in the toilet of their house in Joel Konstantin Street.


The deceased person left a resignation letter addressed to his employer as well as a suicide note. However, as part of the inquest into the incident a post mortem examination will have to be performed to determine the actual cause of death.


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