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Taxi and bus fares to increase by 15%

Taxi and bus fares to increase by 15%

Staff Reporter

Namibians have to dig deeper in their pocket to pay for taxi and bus fees temporary as the Works and Transport Ministry has indicated that the 15% is temporary and will end when the State of Emergency is over.


Chairperson of Road Transportation Board Browny Mutrifa said the increase is meant to cover the losses incurred by bus and taxi drivers due to the reduced capacity of passengers as per the Covid-19 regulations.


The Road Transport Board of Namibia and empathically considered all these complaints and requests, in detail, in consequently resolved accordingly.


Taxi bus fares fees 15% Namibians pay transport
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Mutrifa noted that the requests from three entities were to increase the tariffs charged with 10% 12%and 33% respectively, to make up for the fact the operators can only fill busses and taxis up to 50%


According to Mutrifa, all road operators that it has received complaints of unauthorized price increases, by some operator’s especially major long distance Bus Operators. Appropriate legal steps will be taken against any such operators, who may have violated the provisions of the applicable Laws.


The Road Transportation Board of Namibia with the support of the MWT, are busy investing such complaints.


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