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Twelve nabbed for selling liquor

Twelve nabbed for selling liquor

Placido Hilukilwa

OMUSATI police have busted a group of men and a woman who were selling or consuming alcohol at a house belonging to one of the suspects at the Kasikili location in Outapi.


The suspects were caught red-handed Friday evening after the police were tipped off about a private house that was transformed into a shebeen where a restricted group of friends could go, buy and drink liquor.


Eleven male suspects and one woman were arrested on charges that range from the contravention of regulations 6 and 7 of the State of Emergency as well as the contravention of the Liquor Act.


According to police spokesperson Inspector Lineekela Shikongo, the suspects were found selling liquor without a liquor license. The trade in alcohol is also prohibited during the State of Emergency.


“The suspects further instigated or organized other people to gather with the common purpose of consuming alcohol,” he said.


  • Omusati police selling consuming alcohol house belonging suspects Kasikili


Bottles of liquor were confiscated and are currently at the police station as exhibits.


Five vehicles were initially impounded but were later handed back to the owners.


The suspects are between the age of 26 and 39.


Nine of suspects have paid their fines amounting to N$2 000 each, while the owner of the business was issued with a fine of N$4 000 for the counts of selling alcohol and organizing the gathering of more than ten people. The owner was set free after paying the fine.


The two remaining suspects have yet to pay, or they would be charged and arraigned before the court.


“We are still urging all business people, mostly the ones that sell alcohol, to cease selling liquor behind closed doors as this could jeopardize the objectives of the Namibian Government to curb the spread of COVID-19. Consumers of liquor are also reminded and cautioned to take their health seriously. By continuously ignoring the preventative measures, put in place to curb the spread of the coronavirus, they put their own lives and that of others at a risk,” said Shikongo.


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