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E-learning the future for Nam education

E-learning the future for Nam education

Eba Kandovazu

ONLINE learning will go a long way in strengthening the education system long after the global pandemic is over.
This is the opinion of education director in the Omaheke Region, Pecka Semba, while speaking at the COVID-19 information centre today.


“We have been frequented with calls at the office and I must say that the positives are more than the negatives, although we cannot ignore the negative feedback. We are entering the 4th industrial revolution and I must say that the e-learning mode will stay with us. We are moving in that direction and there is no turning back” Semba stated.


Semba also said that the introduction of online learning as a result of the outbreak of the global coronavirus pandemic has been received with mixed feelings from teachers, parents and learners, adding that a lot of positive feedback has equally been received.


Meanwhile, the Deputy Minister of Health and Social Services, Ester Muinjangue on the health update said Namibia still has 11 recoveries and five active cases.



A total 1,449 samples have been tested and 242 contacts have so far been traced.


Muinjangue added that a total 1,083 people have been in quarantine facilities, of which 618 have been discharged.


Over the last weekend, 18 more people have entered quarantine facilities, bringing the current number of people in quarantine to 465.


“The public should be reminded that we are still in a state of emergency. Stage 2 is a critical stage and I would therefore like to urge people to maintain hand hygiene and continue social distancing. Things are not back to normal and gatherings should still not be more than 10 people. We should avoid large crowds by all means,” Muinjangue stressed.


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