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Botched beer burglary

Botched beer burglary

Staff Reporter

TWO burglars are on the run from the Namibian Police after their plans to break in and steal beer from the home depot of the Namibian Breweries Limited went haywire.


According to the crime bulletin of the Namibian Police the two burglars gained entrance to the premises of Namibian Breweries by cutting the boundary fence and then breaking through a door to the warehouse.
The break-in occurred at about 05:00 on Sunday morning. It seems that the burglars planned to steal a few cases of canned Tafel Lager.


CRIME SCENE: Two burglars had no choice but to dump their loot and run to their getaway car which was parked outside the premises of the Namibian Breweries.


However, the security guard on duty interrupted them and the burglars dropped the five cases of beer on the ground before fleeing.
When confronted by the security guard the burglars threatened him with knives. The unarmed security guard turned on his heel and ran for his life but while his back was turned the burglars fled the scene empty handed.
Detectives are still investigating the matter and no arrest has been made yet.


Under the State of Emergency the sale of alcohol in the country has been prohibited since the 28th of March with many being fined for buying alcohol illegally.


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