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Oshakati Town Council distributes food to residents

Oshakati Town Council distributes food to residents

Placido Hilukilwa

FIFTY tons of maize meal, three cubic meters of cooking oil and 1,600 kilograms of canned fish are being distributed to Oshakati town dwellers that were negatively affected by the lockdown and other needy residents of the town and the surrounding villages.


The food relief is from the Office of the Prime Minister but the town council is the distributing agent.


The distribution started Monday and lasts till Thursday (7 May), benefiting a total of 4,000 households in informal settlements such as Oneshila, Ompumbu, Oshoopala, Evululuko, Oshimbangu, Kalaula, Sky, Okandjengedi and Uupindi as well as the suburbs such as Ekuku, Ehenye, Onawa and Eenhokele.



Each beneficiary household is given a 12.5 kg bag of maize meal, a 750 ml bottle of cooking oil and a 400mg tin of fish.


Beneficiaries include street vendors who stopped selling due to the lockdown; the elderly; expectant mothers, and people living with disabilities.


Many residents are now furious claiming that they were equally affected by the lockdown but were not registered as beneficiaries.


However, town council spokesperson Katarina Kamari is exhorting residents to remain calm. “Those who did not benefit were not left out deliberately. It is only that the food relief we received from the OPM was only enough for 4,000 households. We had to register only those who are in urgent need of assistance. However, we have requested additional food relief from the OPM and are currently awaiting the response. Meanwhile we have instructed community leaders to register those households that were left out so that they would benefit when more food arrives,” she said.


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