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Rivers leave Ovitoto community stranded

Rivers leave Ovitoto community stranded

Marthina Mutanga

HEAVY rains in places to the north and east of Okahandja caused rivers to start flowing which effectively cut the community of Ovitoto off from the rest of the world.


People travelling to and from Ovitoto from Okahandja on the D2102 are stuck at the level crossing over the Swakop River at Okandjira and will have to wait until the flow subsides or turn back to where they came from.


One member of the community stuck at the river crossing said incomplete construction work on three bridges and 12 other drainage structures on the road means that the rivers at the crossing points flow a bit wider than normal.


Video: People stuvkon the banks of one of the rivers between Okahandja and Ovitoto after heavy rains cause water to start flowing again. – Footage: Contributed


However, once the structures are completed access to the Von Bach Dam, the farming areas and the small village of Ovitoto will be greatly improved.


The project to construct bridges over the Bobbejaan, Niehaus and Swakop Rivers on the D2102 that turns off from the B1 road approximately 59 kilometres north of Windhoek started in 2012.


All these rivers feed into the Von Bach Dam which is already more than 90 percent full.

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