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Oshikango businesses inundated with water

Oshikango businesses inundated with water

Maria David

HEAVY rainfall over the northern border town of Oshikango has left several shops at shopping complexes submerged in water.


At the Time Square complex shops such as Shoprite and Legit were some of the biggest outlets that were closed down after water ran into the building, while Ackermans, PEP, Ok Furniture and Chinese shops in the complex was underwater.


Michael Hifikepunye an employee of The Bed Shop, expressed disappointment over the way the complex was constructed, saying the developers did not provide for stormwater channels.


“Many of our stock sustained damage just because of poor planning done by the engineer,” said Hifikepunye.


Video: Rain water flooding the Yetu Shopping Complex in Oshikango. – Footage: Contributed


The Mayor of Helao Nafidi Eliaser Nghipangelwa, said it’s not the first time that heavy rain is experienced in the town of Oshikango.


Nghipangelwa admitted that there is an area where stormwater channels were not built, but the floodwater currently inundating shopping centres is a combination of rainwater and water flowing from the oshanas just a short distance from the shops.


“Stormwater channels can’t be expected to deal with extra water flowing from oshanas, it’s just too small,” he said, adding that the complex was intended to be built so that all the shops would be on the same level, but tenants requested it to remain uneven.


Flash floods are also expected in other parts of the Ohangwena Region as more heavy rain is expected to fall over the next few days.

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