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Amunyela to unlock Swapo regional office

Amunyela to unlock Swapo regional office

Maria David

THE leader of a group of disgruntled Swapo Party supporters in the Oshana Region, Sigo Amunyela, has promised to unlock the regional party offices on Tuesday after it was locked down with three chains on Friday.


The locking down of the office follows several protests and demands by the group of party supporters over the past few months for Swapo Party Regional coordinator Samuel Nelongo to resign from the office.


However, it is not clear if the decision to unlock the office follows complaints by some of the ruling party’s other supporters that question Amunyela actions of locking down the office.


They asked why Amunyela would lock down the office and in what capacity he was he acting when doing so, as he is not part of the ghetto party’s leaders or part of the decision making committee of Swapo.


Amunyela unlock Swapo regional
Photo by Maria David


During the locked down at the end of last week, Amunyela claimed that Nelongo continues to ignore the petitions of bona fide Swapo party members in the region.


“People are tired of what Nelongo is doing. Until today no response was given to our petitions that we handed in last month. He continues to ignore our petitions and demands,” he said.


They also claimed that the regional executive committee is scared of Nelongo and have remain quiet and are afraid to take action against Nelongo.


When asked about the actions of the group of unhappy party supporters, Swapo Secretary General, Sofia Shaningwa told Informanté last week that she was only aware that the office has been locked up and added that it was a regional issue. She indicated that she is still awaiting the office’s report to be delivered to the headquarters of Swapo. The Secretary General said an inquest into the matter will be launched to examine the root cause of the closure.


Amunyela is expected to open the office at 11:00 on Tuesday morning in the presence of his fellow unhappy comrades.

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