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2020 academic year kicks off

2020 academic year kicks off

Eba Kandovazu & Marthina Mutanga

THE beginning of this academic year was exhilarating for mostly learners who for the first time walked the schools’ corridors this morning.


At Hillside Primary school, Principal Victoria Haihambo said the implementation of ample learning support, extra-curricular activities and punctuality will set the benchmark for successful results for learners at the end of the year.


“We wholeheartedly receive our grade ones and we welcome them. This is an exciting time for parents and the little ones and we will make it a mission to make sure that punctual learning support is exercised especially at junior primary school, the foundation of learning. We will instill values of discipline in our learners, to ensure a safe and friendly environment for every pupil and avoiding things like bullying. Bullying is one of the biggest forms of abuse and it leads to dropping out of school for some learners. This year, we will encourage punctuality in our teachers as well, to make sure that they too prepare their lesson plans,” Haihambo stressed.



Adam Muteka, 14, a grade 8 learner at A Shipena Secondary School in an interview with Informanté joyfully expressed his excitement for high school.


“I am finally in high school and I could not be happier. I could not wait for the holiday to be over. This day is all I have been thinking about. The adrenalin, my nerves and the thought of being a newcomer at such a big school. Although some of my previous schoolmates also started here with me today, I am excited and looking forward to making new friends. I would like to participate in sporting activities and I will take it upon myself to study harder,” Muteka said.


Matriculants at the school were all excited because of their last year of school, while dreaming of going to university to pursue their academic careers.


“I will work extra hard and I will spend most of my time studying. I have promised myself to cut down on destructions like parties and having a bunch of friends. My goal is to pass grade 12 and enroll for Media studies at the University of Science and Technology next year,” Hileni Michael, a grade 12 learner said.

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