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Children’s safety must be prioriy

Children’s safety must be prioriy

Samuel Shinedima

As the new academic year restarted the safety and security of children suddenly became a huge concern to many parents, especially those of first grade pupils.


As these first timers get introduced to a different environment where they have to spend their days away from their parents, children should have a natural discomfort of strangers that cause them to be a bit cautious with people they don’t know.



In fact, those who don’t may have disinhibited social engagement disorder, a condition that causes them to become overly friendly with people they don’t know. This, in many occasions if not always, works against the safety of the child.


Although it’s important to teach kids about the importance of being safe, teaching your child about strangers should never involve intentionally scaring your child into thinking he’s been kidnapped and there are much healthier ways to teach children about the potential dangers of the world.

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