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Some parts of Namibia experience good rains

Some parts of Namibia experience good rains

Marthina Mutanga

DATA of the Namibia Meteorological Service (NMS) shows that the December rainfall was largely above average over most of the country, except over the southern regions where below average rainfall was observed.


According to meteorologist Simon Dirkse, Farm Okahua in the Khomas region reported the highest and heaviest rains within 24 hours of 97.5mm followed by Ruuga in the Kavango West (80.0mm), Endola in the Ohangwena region and Ondangwa in the Oshana region.


According to Dirkse, the eastern areas of the Zambezi region reported below average rainfall during December, after a very good performance during November.


Pictured: Heavy thunder clouds as seen at Oshivelo .- Picture: Contributed


The bulk of the country reported above average rainfall with isolated patches of below average rainfall within the central Northern regions.


The cumulative rainfall over the northern areas of the Oshana region has consistently reported above average rainfall from October December 2019.


On a seasonal scale, the December 2019 rains has elevated most of the stations countrywide into the normal to above normal category as per the seasonal forecast.


Dirkse lastly said the second half of the season, from January to March 2020, parts of the region are expected to receive high rainfall, with other likely to receive normal to below-normal rainfall.

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