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Grief for children who drowned in the North

Grief for children who drowned in the North

Niël Terblanché

FAMILIES in northern Namibia were struck by grief after the tragic death by drowning of three of their young sons on Friday.


Three young boys of whom the youngest is only six-years-old drowned in two separate incidents in flooded oshanans while they were tending to the cattle of the families.


According to the incident report provided by the Public Relations Division of the Namibian Police the first incident occurred at an unknown time at the Endola Village in the area of Omungwelume when the six-year-old Mathias Sheefeni Shikomba and Tomas Helao Kambalala (12) were tending their cattle.


When the two little boys did not come home the families went looking for them and made the horrific discovery of their bodies floating an earthen dam.


Picture for illustrative purposes only


It is alleged that they swam in the dam while looking after the animals and that the younger boy got into trouble while in deeper water and the older boy attempted to rescue him. The older boy was pulled under and drowned as a result.


On the same day the ten-year-old Tangitate Ngoloti who was also busy tending his family’s cattle drowned when he went swimming with other boys in an earthen dam near the Onambaba Villge in the area of Omugwelume.


In this case the family also went looking for the boy when he did not come home when it got dark and discovered his body floating in the water.


In a separate incident the 18-year-old Wanailonga Jesaya Tangeni drowned in a water pan near the Okambonde Village in the area of Oniipa while swimming with his two friends.


According to the incident report the tragic incident occurred on Sunday at about 11:00.

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