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Top 10 best performers of the scholastic year

Top 10 best performers of the scholastic year

Marthina Mutanga

The Deputy Minister of Education, Arts and Culture, Anna Ngipondoka, while announcing that the Grade 10 (JSC) and Grade 12 (NSSC) Higher Level results will be made available at midnight said that results did not meet the ministry’s expectations.


Deputy Minister Ngipondoka also lauded the Top 10 candidates for their effort during the exams this year. TheTop 10 best candidates are Maurice Hinterholzer from the Walvisbay Private High School, Karina Sikongo from St Boniface, Ndeshipanda Mulungeni from St Boniface, Adauche Okore from St Boniface, Timotheus Borrman Otjiwarongo Senior Secondary School, Ukarapo Kasaona from Windhoek High School, Louis Mouton Edugate Academy, Nico Epler Otjiwarongo SSS, Marne Rieckert Windhoek Gymnasium and Michelle Du Plessis Walvibay Private High School.


She said that the part-time junior secondary certificate (JSC) passing rate improved to 90, 4% in 2019, compared to the 87, 6% in 2018. Nghipondoka added that the results for 2019 NSSCH did not meet their expectations; however every year is a new opportunity for the leaner population at large to work towards a better future.


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Additionally, Nghipondoka stated that there is need to actively and successfully implement the ministry’s mandate, as part of improving the education system.


The deputy minister also said private schools and part-time education centres need to properly be trained to work the external examination departments.


“I call upon the all the role players in the education fraternity to redouble their efforts to ensure that the Ministry meets its set targets. Now more than before, with the transition from the old curriculum to the revised curriculum we need to move away from their comfort zones and from behind closed doors and try out new approached geared towards achieving quality education with above average performance,” added Ngipondoka.


Regional offices will provide a service during office hours by supplying the results from the broadsheets to candidates and relatives who personally visit the offices.

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