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Police secures two EVM’s that went missing

Police secures two EVM’s that went missing

Niël Terblanché

AN investigation launched into the recent discovery of an Electronic Voting Machine in the Havanah residential area of Windhoek also led to the discovery of a second piece of voting equipment that belongs to the Electoral Commission of Namibia.


According to the Inspector General of the Namibian Police, Lieutenant General Sebastian Ndeitunga, the investigation also found that the two EVM’s were some of those that went missing after the Swapo Elders Council Election more than two years ago.


“We were informed by Abraham Kanime, the Chief of the Windhoek City Police, that some of his officers obtained information that one of the EVM’s are at a certain house in Havanah. We followed up and found the machine at the house. The residents were questioned and that process led to the discovery of a second machine at another house,” General Ndeitunga said.


Pictured: Inspector General of the Namibian Police, Lieutenant General Sebastian Ndeitunga. Photo: Contributed


According to General Ndeitunga extensive questioning of the people in whose possession the EVM’s were found did not result in any arrests. He said no incriminating evidence could be found that would have led to an arrest.


“It seems as if these people found the voting equipment up next to the road somewhere. The one EVM was completely in pieces. Only parts of the machine were available for analysis,” he said.


The general said that the serial numbers were still visible and it could be checked against the list of seven machines that was reported missing by the Electoral Commission two years ago.


“The discovery of the two EVM’s last week brings the number of missing EVM’s fund to four. One of the missing machines was picked up next to the road near Otjiwarongo and handed into the police two years ago while a forth machine was handed to the ECN some time ago,” he said.


According to General Ndeitunga three of the machines that originally went missing are still being searched for. He added that the story that the EVM’s fell from the back of Trailer while being transported back to Windhoek seems to be increasingly plausible because the people that were questioned about the origin of the machines in their possession all said they picked the equipment up along the B1 Road.

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