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New church to be constructed at Omandongo

New church to be constructed at Omandongo

Maria David

RESIDENTS of Omandongo village in the Onayena constituency will no longer have to travel long distances for Sunday service as a church is to be constructed at a place once known as the arrival point for missionaries.


Mission Secretary of the Eastern Diocese, Christian Iitope, said the church which is to be built at the cost of more than N$1.2 million is part of honouring the first missionaries that settled at the area.


“The missionaries came from Omaruru and landed in the Omandongo village at the late king Shikongo shaKalulu palace. He then gave them some land to settle on,” he said.


Picture for illustrative purposes only. Photo: Contributed


Iitope said that they will kick off with construction in January 2020 and hope to complete the church before 09 June 2020, in a bid to celebrate the 150 years of worked done by the missionaries in Namibia.


According to Iitope the arrival of the 8 missionaries led to the formation of ELCN in Namibia, as they started teaching and preaching to people.


Iitope explained that the 8 missionaries preached for about 13 years with baptising anyone until after only 13 years they had baptised 11 people.


He noted that they hope to turn the area into a tourist destination and attrack more people in order to be able to learn the rich history of the place.


Currently the area which is fenced off has a statue of late Martin “Nakambale” Rautanen, who is one of the missionaries that at arrived at Omandongo in 1870.

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