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Gertze gets bail after shooting wife

Gertze gets bail after shooting wife

Marthina Mutanga

FORMER Namibia Qualifications Authority’s Chief Executive Officer, Franz Gertze, who last month shot his wife several times and was charged with attempted murder, was today granted bail at the Windhoek Magistrate’s Court in the amount of N$5 000.


Deputy Director in the division of public relations in the office of the judiciary, Ockert Jansen, said bail was granted on condition that Gertze hands in all his firearms to the Namibian police.


According to Jansen, Gertze’s next hearing for plea and trail has been set for 19 February 2020.


Gertze was arrested last month after he shot his wife, 29-year-old Anittha Gertze, six times in her lower body with a 7.7mm rifle at the couple’s home in Windhoek.


Pictured: Franz Gertze. Photo: Contributed


After driving his wounded wife, along with his two young children, to the Roman Catholic Hospital where Anittha was admitted in serious condition, Gertze informed investigating officers that he randomly fired from his bedroom after he heard intruders walking into his home.


Police at the time told the media that there was no sign that the couple’s home was broken into.


During investigations, police also found a second gun in Gertze’s car and a suicide note believed to have been written by Gertze.


After recovering from her bullet wounds, it was reported that Anittha wanted her husband out of jail and made a statement to the police that her husband was not attempting to kill her on the day. She claimed that the shots were fired in a tussle for the gun because he was trying to kill himself.


Many people, however, did not believe her version as a 7.7mm rifle has to be reloaded manually every time before the next shot could be fired and does not logically explain how he ended up shooting her six times.


State prosecutor Bernadine Bertolini stood in for the state.

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