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Land of sharp contrasts

Land of sharp contrasts

Niël Terblanché

WHERE decimated animals succumbed of thirst and hunger because of the worst drought in Namibian history a few short weeks ago, water is now in abundance after good rains soaked the country side within a few short days.


Where people were still in despair about a week ago new hope has flared up despite almost insurmountable challenges that still lie ahead.


Farmers all over the country are still desperate to pull the few remaining animals they have through. Fodder is still in short supply despite the rain of the last few days.


The adage of: “It might be raining but it is not raining grass,” is still very much applicable.


Photo: Contributed


However, the rains brought hope to many people that were on the verge to throw in the towel.


Rain water gathered in pools means that wildlife and stock animals at least have water to drink and as plant life regenerates over the next few weeks because of the much needed water from the heavens, natural fodder might again be readily available.


The good rains is set to continue for at least the next two days. Other good news is, that the weather system that brought the much needed rain to Namibia, is slowly moving south which means that farmers in the south will also receive a share of the blessing from today onward.


Rain has already been reported over certain parts of the south with more to come over the next two days.


According to the Namibia Meteorological Service the rainy weather is set to continue today with cloudy and cool to warm conditions in the forecast. The cooler conditions will be accompanied by widespread thundershowers in the Oshana, Ohangwena, Oshikoto, Kavango-West, Kavango-East, Otjozondjupa, Khomas and Omaheke Regions.


Partly cloudy and warm conditions with some showers over the central and northern parts are expected at the coast.

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