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Tsumeb Mayor re-elected

Tsumeb Mayor re-elected

Maria David

MATHEWS Hangula was re-elected as the Mayor of Tsumeb earlier this week.


Ingenecia David was elected as the deputy mayor while other councillors who retained their position are Petrus Johannes Shaanika as chairperson of the management committee, Mathias Sipunga and Olga Gaeses. They were all re-elected as members of the management council.


Meanwhile, Veueza Kasiringua of Swapo and Daniel Vanani of Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) were also re-elected as ordinary members of the council.


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In his acceptance speech, Hangula urged his council members to focus on the socio-economic challenge that they are faced at the local level.


“We need to make concerted efforts to ensure that we have a conducive environment for both the public and private sectors to flourish,” said Hangula.


He noted that the town is face with a lot of challenge including high unemployment and lack of serviced land for housing and business development, which is to be tackle with in order to develop the town
Magistrate Ruben Hamunyera Mutuku presided over the ceremony where the mayor and his councillors were sworn in.

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