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No Namibian flags will be allowed at polling stations

No Namibian flags will be allowed at polling stations

Staff Reporter

THE abuse of national colours to sow political confusion and for personal political gain will not be tolerated when polling stations open for the Presidential and National Assembly elections in a few hours’ time.


Stanley Simataa the Minister of Information and Communication Technology urged the voting public to avoid clothing that depicts the Namibian national flag or any other party colours when they go to the polls to vote in the morning. He advised that people should ensure that they wear normal attire when casting their vote.


According to a statement issued by the minister in this regard, it has been noted with concern that members of the public were observed using the Namibian flag for political campaigns in the run up to the Presidential and National Assembly elections.


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“This has created an impression among members of the public that the national flag, which is a national symbol, has a connotation to political parties or individual political activists.”


According to Minister Simataa the use of the national flag for political activities has a potential to cause confusion in terms of the nobility of the national flag as a representative national and unifying symbol for all Namibians.


He said that Section 6 of the National Symbols Act of the Republic of Namibia, Act numbers 17 of 2018 states: A Person may not, without prior written approval by the President or a person designated by the President for such purpose, use or display a national symbol or any depiction so closely resembling a national symbol, in a manner likely to cause confusion in connection with any trade, business, profession or occupation or in connection with any mark or description applied by him or her in relation to, goods made, produced or sold by such persons.


“In the instance as observed during recent campaigns for the Presidential and National Assembly elections no such prior authorisation was sought nor given for anyone to use the national flag for political campaigning. The use of the flag in this unfortunate manner as was observed carries the danger of contaminating its sanctity and sovereignty.


Minister Simataa also urged the electorate to turn up in big numbers and cast their votes and to return to their homes and calmly await the results of the election in a peaceful manner.

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