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Emotions run high at funeral of panga massacre victims

Emotions run high at funeral of panga massacre victims

Nathaniel Heita

THE small white coffin of little Ndapandula Hafeni was lowered into the same grave as that of her 61-year-old grandmother Vilgenia Teofelus and her 30-year-old uncle Simon Petrus as hundreds of mourners gathered for their funeral at the Epatululo Village earlier on Friday looked on.


Little Ndapandula was one of the three victims, who died violently at the hands of the 26year-old Sam Nauyoma Petrus almost two weeks ago.
The funeral was preceded by a special memorial service at the family’s homestead on Thursday.


The two small children that fled the homestead to find safety from a neighbour were also present at the memorial service and bravely stood in front of the gathered mourners to pay tribute to their late grandmother, uncle and their little sister. The surviving children are all in the care of social workers at the moment.

A spokesperson for the family said that the help the surviving family members received from the community and other well wishers during their time of mourning was received with gratitude.


The spokesperson said the surviving family members were overwhelmed by the large numbers of people that arrived at the homestead to sympathise and mourn the death of the grandmother and her two children over the past week and the donations received from a wide variety of people went a long way to help feed the many mourners.


The spokesperson also thanked the Namibian Police for providing help with items such as a generator to power the public address system used during both services on Thursday and Friday.


In the meantime the fourth victim, a little two-year-old girl is on the road to recovery in the Oshakati State Hospital after she taken there in a critical condition.


A family member told Informanté that the little girl had to undergo several surgeries to save her life.


The little girl will however go through life as person living with disabilities because surgeons were forced to amputate a large portion of her left leg as well as her right foot. She also lost fingers on both hands.

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