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Suspected Namibian man arrested in Malaysia for murder 

Suspected Namibian man arrested in Malaysia for murder 

Marthina Mutanga 

A MAN suspected to be a Namibian national has been arrested in Malaysia for killing a Nigerian woman earlier this month.


Police spokesperson, Chief Inspector Kaunapawa Shikwambi, confirmed the matter, adding that it was being handled by the local Interpol Bureau and its counterpart until it is confirmed that the suspect in indeed a Namibian.


“Unfortunately, it is not yet confirmed that the alleged suspect is a Namibian. Should we get feedback we will issue a statement in this regard,” said Shikwambi.


According to a Star online news, Sepang, the district police chief ACP Abdul Aziz Ali,  the 26-year-old suspect was detained by a police team from the serious Crime Unit, D9 Unit, of the Criminal Investigation Department at Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, two days after the body was found.

UNDER INVESTIGATIONS : Photo Kaunapawa  Shikwambi.

Aziz said the incident was believed to have stemmed from a fight between the suspect and the victim at his apartment before the suspect strangled to death the victim, believed to be his girlfriend.


He added that the suspect then allegedly cut off both of the woman’s hands in a bid to dispose of the evidence, adding that the police later found her hands in a rubbish bin on the sixth floor of the same building.


The incident happened on 5 November.


Aziz said the 33-year-old woman’s right leg was also found to have been almost severed.


“Police also found a knife believed to have been used to maim the victim’s body,” he said, adding that the suspect also had two criminal records of trespassing and posing as a civil servant.


According to him, the investigation revealed that the suspect was a former student at a private institution of higher learning in the Klang Valley, and was expelled last year.

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