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Tourist killed in tragic truck accident

Tourist killed in tragic truck accident

Niël Terblanché

ONE foreign visitor to Namibia died and six more were seriously injured when the overland tourist truck they were travelling in crashed headlong into a shipping container filled with wood on its way to the port of Walvis Bay that was obstructing the road between Rundu and the Mururani Gate.


According to the report about the tragic incident occurred when the shipping container fell from the trailer of a heavy transport truck that overturned near the Katjinakatji village in the Kavango West Region at about 20:00 on Sunday evening.


The driver of the overland truck did not see the container obstructing the road in the dark and drove straight into it. The impact caused the overland truck to overturn as well causing the instant death of one tourist and critically injuring three others.


Three more foreigners were seriously injured. The driver only sustained a scratch to his head.

Shortly after the first impact a second truck crashed into the wreck of the overland truck. The crash caused severe damage to the second heavy transport truck involved in the pile-up crash.


According to the report the driver of the second truck walked away from the crash without any injuries.


All of the injured visitors were rushed to the hospital at Rundu for emergency medical care.

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