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Prisoners putting their skills to use

Prisoners putting their skills to use

Maria David

PRISONERS serving time at the Evaristus Shikongo Correctional Facility in Tsumeb are determined to put their skills to good use, despite being detained.


On a day, a total of about 20 prisoners make use of their time at the facility to focus on arts and weaving of traditional baskets, hats and bags.


Speaking to Informanté, Toivo Kakoto, the Senior Correctional Officer, said that being detained is not the end of the world, but a way of giving one a chance to rediscover themselves.


To date, Kakoto said, they were able to keep offenders busy by doing what they love, while some are eager to learn from the skilled ones.


“There are those that have a skills and those that want to learn. The skilled ones are put in groups with non-skilled in order to teach them,” he said.

Picture for illustrative purposes only. Photo: Contributed

According to him, the groups consist of inmates with different knowledge levels which leads to the prisoners sharing their skills and know-how with each other.


“The aim is to make sure that offenders do not remain idle in their cells when they can be busy with whatever they love doing,” he noted.


He explained that by doing so, they keep offenders from thinking about crimes within the correctional facility. He added that most of the materials they use in their projects are sourced from within the facility.


Kakoto stated that the funds generated from the sale of the end products produced by offenders are used to buy basic necessities for them and in the long run, meeting government halfway.

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