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NIP workers down tools for wage increases

NIP workers down tools for wage increases

Business Reporter

WORKERS of the Namibia Institute of Pathology (NIP) have vowed to stage continuous non-stop peaceful demonstration that started today until their demands for a wage increase and benefits for the 2019/20 financial year are met.


The workers today officially handed their petition over to Steve van Rhyn, the Deputy Chairperson of the Board. 


The strongly worded petition, which was directed to Diina Shuuluka, chairperson of the NIP Board of Directors, was read by Nestor Kapofi, a union representative.


Kapofi stated that NIP workers are sick and tired of the manner in which the board members are running the affairs of the institution.

UP IN ARMS: NIP workers are demanding salary increases Photo: Contributed

He also said that board failed to keep promises made in a collective agreement to increase workers’ salaries by 10%. 


Whilst the agreement was negotiated and signed in November 2018, and was supposed to be implemented earlier this year April, nothing has yet been done. 


“We are not here to plead with you but demand that the Board of directors respect and honor the wage and salary agreement which was signed.  All your board members are aware of this agreement which was not forced on anyone but that was collectively signed and sealed,” Kapofi stated.


He further questioned the board on why it gives conflicting information to the line ministry regard its affairs, stating that claims that the Ministry of health and social service has allocated grants to NIP are false.


“What grants are you talking about? Maybe you need to be reminded that the health ministry never gave grants to NIP. Please prove that to us before your tenure ends on 6 December 2019. This is a sign of total dishonesty and total disregard of the growth of the company,” Kapofi said. 


He further suggested that the board instead speak out on the millions owed to the NIP by the health ministry as workers are demanding that this debt be settled by 6 December 2019. 


“We are giving you a final chance to implement the agreement as signed before 2 December. Come 2 December, you are going to badly burn your fingers because of your sheer arrogance by not implementing the signed agreement,” Kapofi concluded.

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