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Baby needs urgent medical attention

Baby needs urgent medical attention

Marthina Mutanga & Samuel Shinedima

THE mother and father to a one-month-old baby boy who is suffering from a rare condition called hydrocephalus that occurs when fluid builds up in the skull and causes the brain to swell need urgent help for their child.


The baby’s mother, 32-year-old Cherly Popas said her baby, Devine !Ameb, needs to get treatment fast as his head keeps growing on a daily basis.


When he was born, his head was measured at 44cm and now it is 60cm.


The parents have been knocking on door to door to get help for their child, but every neurologist they saw was too expensive.

“We were admitted back in Central hospital on Monday and we are hoping that the doctors will help operate on our baby before his condition worsens,” she said.


She added that her baby’s expressions show that he is under a lot of pain and he does not cry loud.


She gave birth to Divine on 28 September at the Katutura Intermediate Hospital in Windhoek.


Anyone who wishes to assist the family can call Cheryl on 081 387 2274 or her husband on 081 625 1107.

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