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Four arrested for robberies in Rocky Crest

Four arrested for robberies in Rocky Crest

Eba Kandovazu

A HANDFUL of suspects were last night arrested following a raid by Operation Kalahari Desert in Windhoek’s Rocky Crest residential area.

Five robbers with pangas and balaclavas, whose suspicious movement around the streets in that area raised eyebrows, were arrested and taken in for questioning.


The suspects were driving a Toyota corolla with illegal blue numbers, aimed at deceiving the community by pretending to be a legitimate taxi.


The vehicle was also impounded.

One of the suspects managed to escape and run into a nearby riverbed before law enforcement officials could arrest him. 

Footage by Eba Kandovazu

It is suspected that the men were planning to break into a house as they were found with housebreaking equipment such as bolt cutters, pangas and balaclavas. 


A number of Rocky Crest residents made their way to the scene to identify the suspects as their houses were previously broken into. 


Two victims positively identified some of the suspects. 

“Some time ago, my house was broken into by this one guy. I remember him very well. Him and his other friends broke into our home when we were watching TV and they attacked us with pangas and proceeded to the kids’ rooms where they stole all our phones and even took our TVs. These guys even managed to take a firearm that belongs to me,” one of the victims said. 

City Police Spokesperson Fabian Amukwelele said that a screening will be done to determine whether or not the suspects have pending cases. 

“Rocky Crest is one of the highest areas of housebreaking incidences and we have gotten so many cases where robbers threaten the victims with machetes. The taxi number that was used does not belong anywhere on our database so the numbers were put on to look authentic,” Amukwelele said.

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