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Crime under control in the City 

Crime under control in the City 

Marthina Mutanga 

THE crime rate in the Namibian capital is reportedly under control, according to Superintendent Gerry Shikesho of the Windhoek City Police. 


Due to a surge in con artists running scams, a usual trend around major holidays, the City Police remains hard at work to keep a firm grip on things.


“People should make sure their houses are locked, instead of just closed. Con artists are on the increase this time of the year so refrain from buying from what I like to call the black market because those people will just steal your money and leave you in the gutter,” Shikesho warned.

STAY ALERT: Gerry Shikesho. Photo: Contributed

He added that property crimes have decreased by 11% overall, but housebreaking has gone up, with shifting locations being targeted as the City Police moves through different zones in the city. 


He also advised the public to avoid being at places where they risk being attacked or where they do not feel comfortable.


He added that the City Police will carry out its usual patrols and the toll free line will remain open to report any crime.


The Superintendent urged the community to observe municipal by-laws, especially when hosting or operating private or public parties, shebeens, night clubs and concerts, in order to control the noise levels. 


He said the police will be on patrol to lookout for under-age drinking, noise pollution, and how shebeens are run in general. 


Shikesho further stressed that the City Police will confiscate the sources of the noise pollution at shebeens and the establishment will be fined N$1 000, an amount which will increase with each repeat offense. He also urged everyone to make sure they do not have any unpaid fines. 


“Before you undertake any trip please make sure you don’t have a warrant of arrest because we are working hard to recover all these culprits,” said Shikesho.


City Police recorded 750 cases of violent crimes and property theft during the 2018/2019 financial year.

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