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Drought kills hundreds of wild animals at Ogongo Campus

Drought kills hundreds of wild animals at Ogongo Campus

Maria David

A TOTAL of 259 wild animals kept in a special camp at the Ogongo Campus of the University of Namibia in the Omusati region starved to death because of the drought.


The Ogongo Wildlife Camp was set up for research purpose back when it was still functioning as an agricultural college has a carrying capacity of only 65 animals.


Ministry of Environment and Tourism spokesperson Romeo Muyunda, said the Camp is home to 238 animals and currently there are interventions put in place to save them from the prevailing drought.

He stated that this year in August, only one springbok was counted dead.
According to Muyunda, in 2018, a total of 498 wildlife animals were counted at the camp, whereas 12 were giraffe, 47 Oryx, three ostriches, two red hartebeest, 374 springbok and 60 zebras.


“Currently the animals are being fed with grass hay for large animals and Lucerne pellets for the springbok while salt lick stock was put on the ground,” said Muyunda.


He said that despite the severe shortage of natural fodder for the wild animals there is still good and sufficient water for them.

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