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Namibia invited to cooperate in production of nuclear fuel

Namibia invited to cooperate in production of nuclear fuel

Niël Terblanché

PRESIDENT Hage Geingob was invited to establish cooperation in production of nuclear fuel from uranium produced in Namibia during a bilateral meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the margins of the Russia-Africa Economic Summit in Sochi earlier this week.


According to a news agency TASS the Russian leader discussed the development of mineral resources, in particular, the uranium resources of Namibia with Dr. Geingob and said it could form an important part of the interaction between the two countries in the energy sector.


“Russia ranks fifth in the world among producers of uranium raw materials. Russia, as a world leader in nuclear energy, nuclear fuel production, and Namibia, as the largest producer of uranium, could establish close cooperation and become good partners,” the Russian president said during the meeting.


President Putin added that Russia is also interested in projects within the Namibian diamond industry.

“Our largest producer of rough diamonds, Alrosa, is ready to host a Namibian delegation in Moscow to discuss issues of mutual interest,” Putin said and added that there exists potentially interesting proposals in the Namibian diamond producing complex.


Among the possible areas of cooperation Putin also mentioned joint exploration of areas potentially rich in vanadium, copper, gold, and other minerals.


“There is a legal basis for this type of cooperation. In 2016, an agreement was signed on cooperation in the field of geology and subsoil use, a memorandum of understanding between Zarubezhgeologia and a Namibian company,” Putin noted.


The Russian leader also recalled that the United Carriage Company is negotiating with a company from Namibia the modernization of the country’s railways, the supply of freight cars and spare components.


“The possibility of large-unit assembly plant on the spot right in your country is also being considered,” Putin told the president of Namibia.
Among other promising projects, the Russian president mentioned the construction of ground-based infrastructure for air travel, cooperation in hydropower and the agro-industrial sector.


“Cooperation also implies importing Namibian agricultural products, in particular meat and fish products. We are also counting on the possibility of deliveries of our livestock products to Namibia, and the expansion of exports of grain and fertilizers to Namibia from Russia,” Putin said during the meeting.


Bilateral cooperation between the two countries is structured through the Namibian-Russia Inter-Governmental Commission on Trade and Economic Cooperation, which was established in July 2006.


Through the Inter- Governmental Commission, the two countries have concluded bilateral instruments in sectors such as health, education, defence and security, mines and energy, trade and investments, fisheries as well as tourism.


Progress has also been made in the education sector since the signing of an agreement and reciprocal visits that have taken place between institutions of higher learning in the two countries.


The Summit offered an opportunity for the Russian Federation and countries of the African continent to share and support the goals and objectives of the African Union Member States enshrined in Agenda 2063, as well as the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development adopted in 2015.

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