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Conservancy digs deep to support members

Conservancy digs deep to support members

Marthina Mutanga

The Ehirovipuka Conservancy in Kunene Region has purchased 353 bales of Lucerne to the amount of N$70 000 to support their members to cope with the current drought.


Chief Public Relations Officer of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Romeo Muyunda expressed gratitude to the Ehirovipuka Conservancy for the noble initiative aimed at assisting the community members in that conservancy in dealing with effects of the current drought.


The initiative identified and prioritized community needs and upholds the principles of community based natural resources management programme wich centres around creating benefits to communities.


According to Muyunda this is not the first time this conservancy has intervened in crucial issue affecting its members through their benefit sharing programme.

The conservancy has in the past assisted in the construction of infrastructure to enhance education and learning such as mobiles schools, dining hall and kindergartens among others.


“We are happy that some conservancies are delivering to the main objective of the CNBRM programme and truly contribute to the wellbeing of the people. In addition, when people benefit in such a way value is added to the CBNRM programme “said Muyunda.


The Ministry called on upon all the other conservancies to emulate the example of Ehipukiro so that they keep on improving the conservancy programme but the people’s lives.


The chairperson of the conservancy Meundju Muzuma said they understand the importance of livestock farming for members of the conservancy, he said they understand the severity and impact of the current drought situation on these farmers.


Muzuma added that conservancy is happy to be a position to assist and compliment government intervention to mitigate the effects of drought. The conservancy has 488 members.

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